Ajo Copyright module

Display copyright message + auto update year.

Ajo Copyright module

Display copyright message + year for use in footer.

  • Auto update current year.
  • Show sitename
  • Add custom text


By Butch Miller on 04-01-2020
Functionality 100
This module functions exactly as advertised. The layout is simple and well designed not a lot of extra stuff that is not needed get the copyr
Ease of Use 100
Extremely easy to use even inexperienced people to benefit from using this module. If you're new to using modules have no fear here. Get it.
Support 100
Documentation 100

Simple and effective

By Brian on 26-10-2016
Functionality 100
Good, just what I needed
Ease of Use 100

Copyright and begin/end year notification : Perfect.

By Frank Jacobs on 01-08-2016
Functionality 100
This module displays a simple copyright line on every/any page of your website. e.g. " © 2011-2016 your_site_name. All rights reserved "
Ease of Use 100
Very simple. Just install the module, fill in the beginning year, a line of free text, and publish. All within a minute.
  • Ajo Copyright module

  • Latest version: 1.0
  • Type: Free download
  • Includes: M
  • Compatibility: J!3 J!4
  • Uses Joomla! Update System:
  • License: GPLv2 or later